Why Franchise with Shibam Coffee?

If you are looking for a franchise business opportunity that offers you a chance to invest in a growing and profitable coffee industry, then you should consider franchising with Shibam Coffee Co. Shibam Coffee is a Yemeni coffee company that provides organic, single origin, and premium coffee, with a wholesale and distribution experience of over 10 years through our sister companies Shibam Wholesale and Green City Distribution. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest and franchise with Shibam Coffee:
  • You will benefit from the state of the art coffee Barista training that Shibam Coffee provides to its franchisees, ensuring that you and your staff can deliver the best quality coffee to your customers.
  • You will have access to a solid marketing plan that Shibam Coffee has developed to promote its brand and products, increasing your visibility and customer loyalty.
  • You will have the opportunity to grow your business to more locations, as Shibam Coffee supports its franchisees with site selection, lease negotiation, store design, and construction.
  • You will enjoy a profitable business model that Shibam Coffee has refined over the years, based on low overhead costs, high margins, and efficient operations.
  • You will offer your customers quality products that Shibam Coffee sources from the best coffee farms in Yemen, roasts in-house, and packages with care.
  • You will receive branded materials that Shibam Coffee supplies to its franchisees, such as cups, napkins, bags, uniforms, and signage, creating a consistent and professional image for your store.